Customs Clearance

We provide you a value-added service in the field of customs clearance with our contracted customs clearance company, which will be a professional solution partner for you with its expert team.

We always prioritize the customer-oriented working system together with the professional team and the systems we use. Our main goal is that our customers always prefer us in a reliable way and clearly see the quality in the solutions they receive after these choices. For this reason, we take part in constant change and development by providing services according to the wishes of our customers and their points of appreciation. We organize a regular organization by determining working principles to prioritize customer satisfaction.

The word "Origin" in Turkish generally means "place of origin" or "the place it came from." In the context of customs procedures, "Mahreç iade" refers to the return of goods to their original place, which is usually the country of origin or the country where the trade was conducted.

It is a declaration type used for sending goods back to the country and recipient of origin without nationalization, which are brought to the Turkish Customs Zone from abroad. While it is processed with a simple letter of application determined by the customs authorities, it requires a laborious and time-consuming operation process despite being processed with a simple letter of application, and it requires follow-up. With our expert and experienced staff, we complete this process within one day, concluding our operations.

The TIR Carnet is a document prepared in accordance with the provisions of the TIR Convention, which certifies that vehicles engaged in international road freight transport have been manufactured in compliance with the TIR Convention and are authorized by the Customs and Trade Regional Directorates for a period of two years.

Transport companies using the TIR Carnet are required to carry this document in their vehicles during international journeys. It is valid for two years and must be renewed every two years. When obtaining the Compliance Certificate for the vehicle for the first time, it must be obtained from the Customs Directorate in the province where the company is located. After obtaining the initial Compliance Certificate, renewals can be obtained from Customs Directorates in different provinces. In the event of a vehicle sale, the purchasing company is obligated to obtain a new Compliance Certificate. We provide Compliance Certificate issuance services at all Customs Directorates throughout Turkey as YGS.

"Customs Warehouses" are storage facilities operated by Trade Professionals or Companies under customs supervision where customs goods are stored.

These are storage areas where goods imported from abroad to the Turkish Customs Zone are kept under customs control. We provide warehouse and storage services through our partner companies with whom we have agreements within our organizations.

The Summary Declaration is the type of declaration for goods arriving in the Customs Zone with a Transit Declaration.

This is a field personnel-intensive process where performance is paramount. We, EDEŞSOY Logistics, provide the required speed and performance in these processes.

The Common Transit Regime is a document that facilitates transportation among the countries participating in the regime, allowing for international transportation, and serves as an alternative to the TIR Carnet.

T1 and T2 are sensitive processes that require careful documentation and operations. A vehicle that has completed customs procedures transports goods with this document until it reaches its destination country. Therefore, it is crucial that the content information is accurate, including details such as the point of departure, transit countries, and the destination customs office. Partially incorrect information can lead to delays in the vehicle's arrival in the destination country. This, in turn, can result in delays in the transportation of goods, customer dissatisfaction, and delays in meeting deadlines. Additionally, such delays can have a negative impact on the annual average number of trips. With this awareness and responsibility, we understand that competition and cost management can be challenging and commit to providing our customers with the fastest service possible.

Customs Clearance

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